IMG_1380At Onyx Piercing Studio, we take pride in holding the highest standards for our jewelry. Our primary metal for initial piercings is either going to be ASTM-F136, ASTM-F67, or ASTM-F1295 implant-grade titanium. These materials are what are used in the medical field for body implants. We also offer a wide range of glass jewelry, a material that is incredibly biocompatible and ideal for fresh piercings as well as stretching healed piercings. Alongside those standard materials offered at Onyx Piercing Studio, you will also find a great selection of the finest precious metals such as gold in four colors (yellow, white, rose, and black rhodium dipped gold) and platinum. We use these materials because it greatly reduces the risks of irritation or allergic reactions.  Gemstones are always hand-set and free of adhesives or foil backing. This assures a lifetime guarantee against a stone wobbling or falling out, and you’ll never have to worry about discoloring or fogging of gems. Gems can be synthetic lab-created or genuine, depending on your taste in jewelry. We also offer a diverse selection of organic materials such as wood, stone, bone, horn, antler, and mixed metals such as brass, bronze, and silver.

A big reason as to why we only use the jewelry we do is because it’s a product we can stand behind with confidence. Our goal is not just to sell you jewelry, it is also to ensure that your jewelry fits perfectly and is comfortable both in size and material. After using these high-grade materials in the Lincoln area for over 8 years, we could not be happier with our clients’ results. We even switch a lot of people over to our jewelry in piercings they’ve had for a long time on the basis of how comfortable a fitted piece of jewelry can be. However, using the safest and nicest jewelry available doesn’t guarantee a perfect piercing. That is why we strive to perfect our craft every day, and it all starts with the best materials available.

IMG_1383A wide variety of jewelry is available in the studio. We order jewelry on a monthly schedule as well, and that includes special ordering jewelry for customers. This is great for someone looking for a truly one-of- a-kind piece, or if you don’t see what you’re looking for in our jewelry cases. We love helping customers order jewelry, as it puts the responsibility of getting the proper measurement on us. Buying jewelry can be extremely risky as well, as jewelry companies like to use tricky wording that makes it seem like their products are safer than they really are. We are always happy to assist you with removing and installing your jewelry. A person should never feel “stuck” in his/her jewelry and it can be stressful and even painful if you aren’t familiar with how to remove your jewelry properly. As long as the jewelry you bring in meets our standards for safe wearing, we will always help you install it. Education on safe and unsafe jewelry is of the utmost importance to us, so if we cannot accept a certain piece of jewelry, we will kindly go over why it is unsafe and discuss alternate options for you.